Grade 1

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES--pick 1 or more, and have fun!
1. Build a snowman; make snowballs and throw at a tree.
2. Help your mom or dad shovel snow.
3. Tramp out a zig zag path through the snow.
4. Go sledding, and pull someone else on a sled.

Start with these hand and body warm-ups: gross motor
Then pick 3 of the following:
1. Without using your other hand to help, use your thumb and index (pointer) finger of your writing hand to pick up 4 tiny objects (coins, cheerios, paper clips, legos, raisins, etc.) one at a time and hold them within your hand; then place them one at a time on a specific spot on a piece of paper (ie: the "pick up and hide" game). Use the tripod pencil grasp to write down what you have picked up, making sure you start letters at the top and sit them on the writing line. Don't forget the letters that have "tails" that go below the line. Please refer to the letter page for reminders about how to form letters.

2. Use the tripod pencil grasp while completing other homework or while coloring a coloring page.

3. Look at a cereal box and find different colors and shapes. Write the colors and shapes you find on a list, writing numbers 1-5, or 6, 7 or 8 if you have time. Don't forget to use the tripod pencil grasp. Go to the letter page if you  forget how to form numbers and letters correctly.

4. Copy shapes from the shape page, 3 times each, and then draw a picture of yourself, with at least 10 body parts.

5. Play "I Spy" in your house! Create a list, numbered 1-5, and write down 5 types of furniture found within your home or 5 objects of the same color. Use the letter page for help if you forget how to form numbers and letters correctly--remember 'top down' for forming most of the letters and numbers. Don't forget to use the tripod pencil grasp also.

6. Play "Memory"! Look at a picture in a magazine, book or coloring page for 10 seconds, then cover the picture and tell a family member what objects or people you saw in the picture. Try to remember 5 things you saw.

7. Practice writing five words and use the alphabet sample as your guide. Choose which snow category to copy:
  • snow clothes--hat, mittens, boots, coat, snowpants
  • snowman--snowballs, carrot, hat, scarf, branches
  • snow fun--snow fort, ski, skate, slide, snowballs

8. Complete a 5-word winter word search (easy level) or winter dot-dot

DAY 2: Pick 3 activities from each list that you did not do on 
day 1.