Grade 6


Outdoor Activities-pick one or more and have fun!

  • Build a snow fort
  • Go sledding and pull your sled back up the hill
  • Build a snowman
  • Help your parents shovel snow
  • Make snowballs and throw them at a tree

    Indoor Activities
    Start with these hand and body warm-ups: gross motor
    Then pick one of the following:
    • Write short story about how you spent your snow day and draw a picture. Be sure to hold your pencil using the tripod pencil grasp. Edit your story using this  handwriting checklist. Use the letter chart for help with letter formation if needed. Feel free to draw and color a picture too!
    • Play a card game or a board game with a parent, friend or babysitter. Ideas include: Go Fish, Connect Four, Checkers, Mancala, Boggle, Scrabble Junior, Jenga, Topple. Write down the name of the game, names of the players, and the score. Use your very best handwriting.  Hold your pencil correctly, form your letters neatly, use big spaces between your words and make sure that your letters sit on the lines correctly.  
    • Complete any written portions of  your classroom Blizzard Bag assignment using your best handwriting and tripod pencil grasp. Use the letter chart if needed for letter formation help.
    •  Look at a picture in a magazine, book or coloring page for 10 seconds, then cover the picture and tell a family member what objects or people you saw in the picture. Try to remember 7-8 things you saw.
    • Complete the 8-word winter word search (medium level) or winter dot-dot.
    • Practice keyboarding skills.  Check out these keyboarding websites!  Try to sit up tall, relax your shoulders, use the "home row", and use the correct fingers as you type. Try to complete one lesson, or play a typing game for 15 minutes.
    1. Typing Club

    DAY 2: Pick an activity from each list that you did not do on day 1.