Kindergarten activities

Day 1
OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES--pick 1 or more, and have fun!
1. Build a snowman; make snowballs and throw at a tree.
2. Help your mom or dad shovel snow.
3. Tramp out a zig zag path through the snow.
4. Go sledding, and pull someone else on a sled.

1. Pick up small items, one at a time, with the tips of your thumb and index finger and place them into a small space (paper cup or ice cube tray). You could use cheerios, fruit loops, paper clips, coins, legos, raisins, etc. Take them out again by using the tips of the thumb and index finger.

2. Hold a crayon using your thumb and index finger with the crayon resting on your middle finger...tripod grasp. Next, color a coloring page. Use a black or darker crayon and outline or trace the edges of some of the shapes.  

3. Look at a cereal box and name all the colors and shapes that you see on the front and back of the box.

4. Look around your kitchen and living room and find objects that are round (circles), have four sides (squares or rectangles), and have three sides (triangles). Try to find three or four of each.

5. Copy shapes from the shape page, 3 times each, then draw a picture of yourself--10 body parts

6. Practice writing your first and last name. Use the alphabet sample for help with forming your letters.

7. Practice writing five words and use the alphabet sample as your guide. Choose which snow category to copy:
  • snow clothes--hat, mittens, boots, coat, snowpants
  • snowman--snowballs, carrot, hat, scarf, branches
  • snow fun--snow fort, ski, skate, slide, snowballs
8. Complete a winter dot-dot activity.

Day 2: Pick 3 activities from each list that you did not do on 
day 1.